How to Improve your Reading Skills


If you enjoy reading, or if you are looking for some advice on how to improve your reading skills we have lots of great stuff on our website to help you! Check out these links:

1) Easy Reading – lots of great stories and articles at three different levels! Choose a story you like, choose the level, read and then try the activities!

2) Reading Skills – practise and improve your reading skills with these great short activities from Elementary to Intermediate level!

3) Magazine – our magazine has lots of great articles on books, music, fashion, life around the world and more! There are new articles every week and it’s a great way to practise and have fun at the same time!

4) Read UK – if you want to learn all about life in the UK, this is the section for you!

5) Reading exams – if you’re worried about reading for tests or exams, try these great tips and tools to help you!

via NEIL

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