This is a project lesson I developed for 2nd Bach students in our English Extension Class.

  • Students worked in groups of three using the computers at school.
  • In the vocabulary acquisition process, students had to read and find information about what climate change is, its causes, effects and possible solutions. These are some of the sites we used:
  • When students felt they had gathered enough information to share with the class they took it in turns to present it.  Each group talked casually about what they had just learnt about the topic, focusing on only one of the issues while the others commented or provided more information. This was performed informally without the pressure of being assessed in the process.
  • Their next task was to watch the documentary film:  Before The Flood  which features Leonardo DiCaprio visiting several regions of the Globe to see the impact global warming is having on the planet.
    • After watching the film and stopping several times the session to comment on the parts that raised some interest, students had another class discussion about their views on the subject matter and the film.
    • During another class session, they wrote a review of the film.
  • The last stage of the process was to write an article for the school blog sharing what they had learnt on the topic.

This is an example of the articles they wrote:


by Camino García Díezcamino1


Climate change is defined as a world problem, produced by humans. We are destroying our planet, and it can be seen because the average temperature on earth’s surface has increased 2.0 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century.

This happened mostly as the result of the carbon dioxide emission, originated by the industries, air traffic, cars, etc.

The rise of the temperature has consequences in the sea, that it works like a refrigerator, its temperature has increased too, especially in the north pole where the icebergs are already melting and the fauna that lives is paying the consequences. Also, the level of the sea is increasing.


The greenhouse effect is another synonym for all of this, it’s like putting a blanket on the earth’s surface while we still produce all of this gases (water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide…) and the sunlight warming it up from the outside.

Other consequences are changes in precipitation patterns, more droughts, heat waves, hurricanes will become stronger and more intense, and trees and flowers will blossom earlier.

Here is a link where you can observe changes on earth during the years:




Small changes can make the difference, it is obvious that climate change won’t disappear or decrease in one day but if all people unite and start making small changes as simple as consuming differently, buying organic food and not the ones that are processed, eating healthier; we can be more energy efficient, most of us already switch off the lights when we leave a room so the next step is unplugging computers, TV’s and other electronics when not in use…, instead of using the dryer, hang your clothes when there is sun; change light bulbs to LED’s.

Other changes that are bigger than the others are using renewable energy, we can make this by choosing a political leader who supports this changes, so he or she invests in renewables, ends with fossil fuel subsidies, leaves fossil fuels in the ground; we can take public transport instead of using our cars, or if we are planning to buy a car buy a fuel-efficient vehicle, like smart cars, such as hybrids and fully electric vehicles, save fuel and money.

If everybody contributes to making these small changes we can reduce the climate change not in a week or in a month but we would see the results in a few years, and we will improve life on earth making it even better.


    • All students were assessed throughout all the research, oral and written production.

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