21669_10151246322057230_1237554234_n 65503_573236389356173_468413529_n 65513_547834221913587_634856291_n 76025_579378295408649_550497238_n

181111_400978343293128_1611371808_n 182594_360959903993448_1812134030_n 226995_331276030306197_1095576439_n 292307_400612976662998_1269720695_n 323265_483604864987513_987096480_o 332276_10151180242037298_1174311553_o 417320_518620444819288_938189174_n 427709_569719443042721_2022358608_n 485293_391665930846733_153320684681260_1528263_147520211_n 521556_536614856383231_1726569448_n 524437_236235716476896_826659887_n 525620_512939495415613_1504180766_n 529622_449588778444598_1895193218_n 534254_10151309857407230_1680029648_n 558879_10151256289092230_146688956_n 576657_410695645610249_43755151_n  580448_507372622640623_388086213_n578912_400975026626793_1771899820_n

1483_313332028767264_1137162937_n 542066_240052706095197_646332630_n 150627_314088592024941_2035374998_n 460450_456780691003264_1113646383_o 556082_471174666230533_180938401_n 601396_357217544369897_1896915572_n 559598_407189289294218_1673804135_n 582535_235386126561855_1699775770_n

563488_583158295030649_1027677335_n (listening A2)


9 thoughts on “FOOD AND COOKING

  1. Hi, I’m James Hackman, an English teacher, your blog is really interesting. I’m making an English blog for the school where I work but yours I must say is way better. Mind if I get some ideas from you. Cheers. James

    Liked by 1 person

    • By all means, you can use the blog whenever you want to. That’s the whole purpose of this little project, to make learning and teaching easier for students and teachers. 😊


  2. says:

    Thank you Alicia, this blog is a wonderful source of material for teaching and I will certainly point my learners in this direction too for extra help. I am delighted to have found it. Keep up the great work!


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